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A company logo design and branding is the face of the business. A logo design is usually one of the first steps in developing a business brand. It is important to work with a reputable logo designer who understands fully how to design a logo with impact on the web and for marketing materials. Having created many logos for happy customers, Linda’s reputation is built on professional, creative, high quality designs that are affordable. Linda knows the science and art of creating the perfect logo for you. Linda will design your logo until you are 100% happy. With exceptional customer service skills, Linda will listen closely to the details of what you would love for your logo. You will be in safe hands with your logo design. You may be interested in reading the “4 Aspects of An Excellent Logo” below!
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4 Aspects of Excellent Logo Design!

#1. Simplicity

A good company logo design conveys an idea and or emotion visually without saying to much at once. A clear typestyle that suits the business type, bold lines and flat shapes are hallmarks of a simple effective logo design. You do not want a logo design to appear busy, confusing or of a lower professional quality. The simpler it is the easier it is to be recognized over and over as people see it. An elaborate logo design may not be effective. You may notice, the more successful a company is, the simpler their logo becomes. A logo should be an elegant icon that represents and symbolizes a company or organization’s values and personality.

#2. Versatility

A logo should be able to be read, understood and used at a variety of sizes from a postage stamp to a billboard. An eps file type is perfect for going large or small. The icon or mark along with the fonts or typestyle should be balanced for all sizes. A good logo should also be able to read and understood in black and white as well as the company colors. An experienced logo designer will plan ahead with these considerations as they design the logo. A good logo should also be of high quality at different resolutions for both print and online.

#3. Relevance

A great logo design usually gives emphasis visually to an attribute such as power, innovation, professional or strength. The message or feeling should resonate with the audience. Should it be colorful and fun or dark and cool? Should it be traditional and conservative with a confident color theme. The feeling or attributes are very important for the brand.

The logo should be aligned with the objectives of the business, instead of personal taste. Every element has to support the message.

#4. Artistic

The best logo design is like a piece of fine art. It can be very simple, but must be well thought out. A well done logo can instantly bring feelings of strength, calm, excitement, playfulness, joy or confidence. A logo combines a graphic mark, the color, font or typography, layout, possibly illustrated elements, into a graphic that can communicate in a moment the integrity behind a business. This is where a logo can miss it’s mark or desired goal.

The best logo design aesthetic elements are broken into four categories. All logo design should be evaluated in these four areas as they move to completion.

Some logo designs have the perfect typestyle for the business name. The font should convey the brand identity without any graphic or illustrative element. Many fonts can and probably will be manipulated in the design process by an illustrative designer. Choosing the font is an excellent starting point when designing a logo.

Choosing the colors for a logo is an important aspect of how a brand is perceived. It is a favorite part of the process for me. The colors of the logo can be a significant factor depending on the age and gender of the potential audience for the product or business. Usually there is one or two main colors and some complimentary neutral colors to accent the logo.

Balance or Layout
There needs to be a nice balance to all parts of the logo. Where the mark or icon is positioned in comparison to the business name, and any subhead text. It show flow as a unit or unified entity.

Icon or Mark
Sometimes the most successful companies have just a mark or icon, such as the NIKE Swoosh. Most companies need to have the business name and the mark together until they are quit established. A well executed icon or mark can really make the logo design complete. It usually will need to be very simplistic though.

By evaluating these components of a logo design you have the best chance of having a successful logo that gets noticed and represents the company brand well.
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